Industry-Wide Products & Services

Animalytix® is a subscription information service that serves as a one-stop shop for marketing, business, and animal industry insights. As a purveyor and provider of information services for the industry as a whole, Animalytix delivers insight via the following customized tools and analyses:

  • ALYXSM Market Survey – offers the ability to view veterinary sales in a near real-time environment
  • ALYXSM Market SensusSM – provides a 3-year, geo-located retrospective history of industry sales for a variety of veterinary products
  • COMPAS SDS Systems – cost-effective, simple-to-use electronic document retrieval system that allows subscribers to view or print SDS documents as required
  • Compendium of Veterinary Products – provide veterinary reference information and product labeling for more than 14,000 animal health products
  • Snap Shot™ Custom Market Analysis – designed for manufacturers who need a one-off, ad hoc report on to capitalize on current market opportunities

Animalytix provides timely and detailed reporting on the sales of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines, insecticides, and other animal health products sold for the following market segments:

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Ruminants - Currently Available
  • Anti-Infectives: Premium Injectables (ALYX-5.1)
  • Anti-Infectives: Traditional Injectables and Boluses (ALYX-5.2)
  • Anti-Infectives: Intramammary Infusion (ALYX-5.3)
  • Anti-Infectives: Soluble Powders and Solutions (ALYX-5.4)
  • Anti-Infectives: Medicated Feed Additives (ALYX-5.5)
  • Anti-Parasitics: Endos & Endectocides (ALYX-6.1)
  • Anti-Parasitics: Premise & Ectoparasiticides (ALYX-6.2)
  • Productivity Enhancers (ALYX-7)
  • Reproductive Hormones (ALYX-8)
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-9)
  • Vaccines (ALYX-10)
  • Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-11)
  • Vaccines (ALYX-12)
Small Animal - Currently Available
  • Small Animal Anti-Infectives (ALYX-15)
  • Small Animal Anti-Parasitics Premium Brands (ALYX-16)
  • Small Animal NSAIDs (ALYX-17)
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-18)
  • Dermatologicals (ALYX-20)
  • Nutraceuticals (ALYX-21)
  • Human Labeled Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-22)
  • Small Animal Ophthalmics (ALYX-23)
  • Veterinary Fluids (ALYX-25)
  • Small Animal Dental Products (ALYX-26)
  • Small Animal Anti-Parasitics—Dewormers, Collars, Premise, and Generics (ALYX-47)
Medical - Currently Available
  • Sutures (ALYX-30)
  • Needles (ALYX-31)
  • Disposable Syringes (ALYX-33)
Equine - Currently Available
  • Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-13)
  • Vaccines (ALYX-14)


The ALYX Market Survey Reporting Series is published monthly and delivered electronically to subscribers via a secure web portal. Want to learn more about report availability, subscription fees, and additional services? Contact us.

Only Animalytix delivers a data platform with sufficient statistical robustness to allow its use without further extrapolations, enrichments, or other manipulations. Only the ALYX Market Survey provides data and analytics capabilities sufficient to support tactical and strategic business decision making in a near-real-time operating environment.

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