ALYXSM Market Survey 

The ALYX Market Survey emphasizes the timely delivery of actual, geo-located sales information. Unlike other reports, the ALYX Market Survey does not rely upon extrapolated sales information. All reported values, in terms of both dollar sales and dose volumes, are representative of actual sales transactions. 

In offering annual, quarterly, and monthly reporting options, subscribers can tailor their access to market information to best meet their needs. For sales and marketing organizations, the ability to view actual, geo-located sales in a near “real-time” environment offers, for the first time, the ability to address competitive situations as and where they develop


  • Anti-Infectives: Premium Injectables (ALYX-5.1)
  • Anti-Infectives: Traditional Injectables and Boluses (ALYX-5.2)
  • Anti-Infectives: Intramammary Infusion (ALYX-5.3)
  • Anti-Infectives: Soluble Powders and Solutions (ALYX-5.4)
  • Anti-Infectives: Medicated Feed Additives (ALYX-5.5)
  • Anti-Parasitics: Endos & Endectocides (ALYX-6.1)
  • Anti-Parasitics: Premise & Ectoparasiticides (ALYX-6.2)
  • Productivity Enhancers (ALYX-7)
  • Reproductive Hormones (ALYX-8)
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-9)
  • Vaccines (ALYX-10)


  • Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-13)
  • Vaccines (ALYX-14)

Small Animal

  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-18)
  • Vaccines (ALX-19)
  • Dermatologicals (ALYX-20)
  • Nutraceuticals (ALYX-21)
  • Human Labeled Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-22)
  • Small Animal Ophthalmics (ALYX-23)
  • Veterinary Fluids (ALYX-25)
  • Small Animal Dental Products (ALYX-26)

Other Supplies

  • Sutures (ALYX-30)
  • Needles (ALYX-31)
  • Disposable Syringes (ALYX-33)


  • Pharmaceuticals (ALYX-11)
  • Vaccines (ALYX-12)

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