Fountain Report Excerpts January 17, 2023

Fountain Report Excerpts
  1. The FDA has approved DectoGard, the first generic doramectin topical solution for treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, eyeworms, grubs, biting and sucking lice, horn flies and mange mites in cattle. DectoGard is an antiparasitic drug that contains the same active ingredient (doramectin topical solution) in the same concentration and dosage form as the approved brand name product, Zoetis’ Dectomax.
  1. New Zealand-based Ruminant BioTech says it has developed a method to eliminate at least 70% of methane emissions from livestock in six months. The technology involves placing a bolus into cows’ rumen and releasing a substance to counteract the formation of methane. It’s planned to be commercially available in 2025 if it receives authorization for use as an animal medicine. The project has received funding from the government of New Zealand and private funders, according to DairyReporter.
  1. Packaged Facts’ lead pet market analyst, David Lummis, analyzes Mars’ decades-long acquisition strategy. The company has bought pet food brands, veterinary service providers, health and wellness product makers, daycare providers, and pet care companies in other sectors. Mars’ “omnimarket participation now crosses all pet market sectors,” Lummis says. “By blanketing the pet industry with products and services, the company has made it difficult, if not wholly impractical, for other pet market participants not to play ball,” he writes in Pet Product News.

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