Fountain Report Excerpts November 22, 2022

Fountain Report Excerpts
  1. Millennials and Generation Z could push the $115 billion pet industry to $300 billion by 2030, making this cohort of pet owners crucial for industry members to watch. But two issues could dampen their enthusiasm to keep spending on pets: shortages of veterinary professionals and shortages of dogs. To ensure pet owners have ready access to care and the cost of having a pet doesn’t rise beyond consumers’ reach, the industry needs to increase the number of veterinary professionals and make dog breeding a viable, socially acceptable practice, veterinary industry policy expert Mark Cushing wrote last week in the Fountain Report. “The good news is we control contingencies and solutions” for the veterinary care shortage and the dog shortage, Mark writes. “The ‘challenge’ is whether the profession and industry are prepared to take these concerns of the generations holding the keys seriously. That’s the question of the year for 2023.”
  1. Veterinarians are gearing up amid supply interruptions of liquid amoxicillin, an antibiotic commonly used to treat infections in humans and animals. Much of North America faces a shortage of amoxicillin in addition to other prescription drugs, and the antibiotic has reportedly recently become difficult to find in U.S. and Canadian retail pharmacies, the VIN News Service reports. While tablets are still readily available, the antibiotic’s powder form, dissolved in water to create a suspension administered orally, often is better suited to children and animals such as cats, dogs and birds. The FDA said multiple generic drug manufacturers reported limited supplies of the oral powder.
  1. Four in 10 pet owners reported an overall improvement in their mental (38%) or physical (41%) wellbeing over the last three years, nearly doubling the rate of non-pet owners at 23%, according to a new report from Mars. “Pets for Better Wellbeing,” Mars Petcare’s fourth annual report, analyzes the impact of pet ownership on mental and physical wellbeing and examines potential hurdles people face getting pets. Among those survey respondents considering a pet, 66% said they’re concerned about affordability, 47% were concerned about being away for work or travel, and 42% were concerned about finding pet-friendly housing.

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