Fountain Report Excerpts September 13, 2022

Fountain Report Excerpts
  1. Merck Animal Health announced a new label indication for Bravecto and Bravecto Plus for the topical use in cats to treat and control Asian longhorned tick infestations. The company says the feline Bravecto products are the first and only U.S. products labeled for both treatment and control of Asian longhorned tick infestations.
  1. A giant egg-laying operation in Ohio was euthanizing its flock of 3 million chickens after avian flu was confirmed at the facility, the Associated Press reported last week. The case was confirmed in Defiance County, state and federal officials said Wednesday. Highly pathogenic bird flu has returned to the Midwest earlier than authorities expected after a lull of several months. Cases have been detected recently in Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Several western states also detected the disease over the summer. Officials had warned another surge could come in the fall. Bird flu has led to the deaths of 43 million chickens and turkeys this year across the country.
  1. The provincial government of Saskatchewan has expanded a loan forgiveness program for veterinarians and veterinary technologists in an effort to get more care for large animals. While the program was originally for veterinary professionals in small communities, it will now include those in larger urban centers who spend at least 400 hours a year caring for livestock in rural areas. They can receive forgiveness of 4,000 Canadian dollars a year for up to five years.

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