Animalytix In Action - Case Study #1


The management adage “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” remains as true as ever in today’s increasingly complex business environment. This phenomenon poses a particular challenge for effective management of animal health sales teams given the industry’s limited access to market intelligence. Traditionally, companies have relied nearly exclusively on internal performance metrics such as “year over year growth” and “sales versus plan” for performance evaluations and bonus compensation.

This approach is an example of "one-dimensional" analysis which largely ignores the competitive dynamics of the larger market due to the poor access to competitive information.

Effective management of a sales organization requires the ability to measure market penetration and changes in penetration rates over time. To do this, a manager must know both the size of the salesman’s selling opportunity and the degree to which it has been penetrated. Animalytix makes it possible to reliably determine these metrics, and to expand the dimensions of the traditional performance assessment. To learn how to conduct your own “3D” performance analysis, click to download the PDF version.