The Right Partners for the Right Data

The services provided by Animalytix are made possible through the generous support of the leading US and Canadian animal health distribution companies and other resellers of health care products and supplies for livestock, horses and pets.   Participating distributors and resellers provide transactional sales information to Animalytix which is then aggregated, anonymized and formatted into a variety of market insight reports for use by manufacturers, distributors, veterinarians, retailers and other industry stakeholders.  The partnership of Animalytix and its data providers is responsible for North America’s largest compilation of animal health related sales information with more than $11.0B in annual reporting available for the US and Canadian markets.

Animalytix® continues to expand its network of participating distributors and other reseller data partners.  Animalytix enrolls between 5 – 10 new data partners each year and welcomes participation from animal health distributors, retailers, e-retailers and other resellers with the capability of providing daily or weekly data transmissions for sales of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, nutraceuticals, and a variety of supplies for use in livestock, horses and pets.

How It Works

The ALYXSM Market Survey Reporting Series provides the most timely, detailed, and accurate compilation of US animal health industry sales and market insights available from any source.  Daily or weekly sales reporting by participating data providers power the more than 25,000 sales territory and other custom reports produced by Animalytix each year.  Animalytix would like to thank each of its data partners for their continued support of this initiative and look forward to continuing to expand the data provider’s network to continually improve the robustness, depth and breadth of its reporting services platform.