Evolution Requires Change. Effective Change Requires Insight.

If there’s one thing data tell us, it’s that the animal health industry is constantly undergoing change. And that’s a good thing—as long as you know how to keep up. As the leading provider of business, marketing, and industry insights, Animalytix® uses its unique data resources and vast analytic capabilities to provide those involved in animal health—from veterinarians to manufacturers—with actionable insights to help their evolution.

Why Animalytix Matters

Traditional sales metrics typically provide a one-dimensional perspective of productivity using a limited set of performance benchmarks. While these metrics are partial indicators of performance, they tend to ignore broader market realities and fail to address real market growth and the rise of key competitors.

Animalytix brings you comprehensive competitive sales information that assesses true market performance—both for individual sales representatives and enterprise-wide.

The ALYX℠ Market Survey Reporting Series

When it comes to an investment in market insight services, the ALYX℠ Market Survey Reporting Series offers 5 distinct advantages over other reporting options, making it the industry’s only actionable market reporting platform:

  • Timely — Market surveys that show what’s happening now
  • Granular — Territory level sales in dollars & normalized doses
  • Accurate — Comprehensive quality control applied to all data and generated reports
  • Comprehensive — More than $75 billion in historical sales data reflecting 70% – 95% of all sales transactions for targeted animal health segments
  • “Industry Context” — Designed, delivered, and serviced by senior animal health professionals in operational business environments

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