Lighting the Path – A Journey to Insight for the Animal Health Industry

In the year 2009, the US animal health industry, which is broadly defined as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, supplements, medicated feed additives and various supplies for pets, horses, livestock, and poultry, was largely underserved with respect to market information.

At that time, there were no empirical resources available for the hundreds of animal health manufacturers and distributors by which to assess competitive market positions, sales potential or sales force effectiveness for the thousands of field sales representatives serving what was then a $6B+ industry.

A collaborative effort among industry stakeholders lead to the creation of Animalytix LLC, the industry’s first comprehensive market insight services provider in 2010. A decade later, Animalytix now provides $11B+ in annual animal health industry sales reporting for the US and Canada and assists hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, veterinary practice groups and ag retailers in assessing the development of markets, relative competitive positions, and the effectiveness of sales force deployments and marketing strategies.

Animalytix – a resource for the animal health industry, created and maintained by industry stakeholders for the betterment of vendors, customers, and the communities they serve.

Animalytix is composed of a diverse team, many of whom are animal health industry experts with a vast array of prior experiences, tenures and titles within the industry. We bring our expertise, passion and dedication to animal health and apply it to all the products and services we provide through all the brands at Animalytix.

Our Team

Picture of Chris Ragland

Chris Ragland

Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Brad Holen

Brad Holen

Director, Commercial Operations

Picture of Erica Mendoza

Erica Mendoza

Senior Manager, Analytical Services

Picture of Jonas Goring, DVM

Jonas Goring, DVM

GM/Director of Commercial Operations

Picture of Tim Witt

Tim Witt

Assoc. Director of Commercial Operations

Picture of Terry Sheehan

Terry Sheehan

Senior Commercial Manager

Picture of Linda Willey

Linda Willey

Office and Client Support Manager

Picture of George Grau

George Grau

Office Manager/Client Services

Picture of Joelle Mayer

Joelle Mayer

Client Experience Manager‍

Picture of Shirley Visser-Meier, RVT

Shirley Visser-Meier, RVT

Content Director

Picture of Dawn Haussler, BBA

Dawn Haussler, BBA

Label Database Manager, CVP

Picture of Karrie Allen

Karrie Allen

Senior Editor & Manager, SDS / MSDS

Picture of Roberta Bruget

Roberta Bruget

Director, Operations

Picture of Ronitta Sandahl

Ronitta Sandahl

Data QA Specialist

Picture of Stephanie Hanisch

Stephanie Hanisch

Content Editor

Picture of Courtney Bruget

Courtney Bruget

Master Data Specialist

Picture of Bryan Gathagan

Bryan Gathagan


Picture of Travis Meredith, DVM

Travis Meredith, DVM

Director, Veterinary Practice Initiatives

Picture of Randy Dey-Toth

Randy Dey-Toth

Chief Applications Developer and Leader

Picture of Carl Timmer

Carl Timmer

Software Developer and IT Manager

Picture of Kristopher Koch

Kristopher Koch

Software Developer‍