DVMetrics™ Services

Empowering veterinary practices and industry members to confidently make the best decisions for their business.
DVMetrics™ Products currently available in US and Canada:
  • Trade Name Ingredient Index, Product Use Index and Product Category Index
  • Reader-friendly species specific charts including Anthelmintics/Parasiticides, Biologicals, and Withdrawal Times
  • Web Based
  • Daily Updates
  • Access to multiple Compendium sub-libraries
  • Updated and current label data
  • Label and Package Inserts
  • Viewing and Printing
  • Annual Subscription
  • CAS – Animal Supplements
  • ~8,500 US & CA product monographs
  • Mobile App

Compliance with OSHA pure and simple.

  • The SDSLTM allows subscribers to look up, view, and print SDS documents as required.
  • Web Based
  • Product/Trade Name listings
  • Access to multiple SDS sub-libraries
  • Updated – daily proactive
  • Autobinder – Build Your Own Binder
  • Storage and Retrieval System
  • Annual Subscription
  • ~11,000 US & ~6,400 CA SDS documents for Veterinary and Animal Health Products

The most complete database of veterinary prescribing information available. Search thousands of products by generic or trade name to support your in-clinic pharmacy.

  • Product information for pet owner
  • Web based
  • Daily updates
  • Customizable for practices
  • Reasons for prescribing
  • Directions for use
  • Storage and warnings
  • Potential side effects
  • Storage and retrieval system
  • Printing and email system

Axcess™ is a simple to use yet powerful web-based resource that allows users to query the Compendium of Veterinary Products (CVP-US) and/or the Compendium of Animal Supplements (CAS-US) across multiple attributes to return refined product lists, label information or charts of products for in depth reports, analysis, education and research.

  • Easily accessed online tool
  • Simple search
  • Access to multiple Compendium sub-libraries
  • Current label data
  • All attributes and meta data
  • In Depth Filtering
  • Dynamic Charts and Tables
  • Annual Subscription
  • Optional Nutritional Animal Supplements (CAS)

The NACAF™ is your trusted resource for on- and off-label use.

  • Print and Digital versions
  • Almost 4,000 drug references
  • 1,200 human and veterinary drugs
  • Drug usage in Dogs and Cats
  • Developed over 30 years ago
  • Edited by Dr. Kuehn
  • Satisfies need for practical, comprehensive reference guide to drug uses and doses for dogs and cats
  • Single, bulk and customized promo copy availability

DVMetrics is the home for some of the most trusted resources used by veterinary professionals.