ALYX℠ Market Survey Reporting Methods

Animalytix® sources its data from participating contributors who provide daily transactional sales information. Sales consumption is tracked using “ship-to” locations for reported sales, which Animalytix reflects as Market Consumption Points or MCPs. Geo-location is provided via the use of Designated Geospatial Areas (DGAs) in each ALYX℠ report. These DGAs are based on 3-digit USPS ZIP codes or aggregations thereof and are subject to a series of Privacy Rules designed to preserve the confidentiality of participating data contributors and their clients.

Additionally, Animalytix utilizes a “100 meter rule” to consolidate MCPs for reporting purposes. Any consumption point within a 100-meter radius of an adjoining MCP is consolidated as a single location for reporting purposes, again to preserve the confidentiality of the individual veterinarian, retailer, or producer’s purchasing activity reflected in the data.

The current ALYX℠ Market Survey consists of sales information sourced from 6 of the industry’s leading animal health distribution companies, including Butler Schein Animal Health, Lextron, Inc., MWI Veterinary Supply, Professional Veterinary Products Ltd., Walco International, Inc., and Webster Veterinary Supply. In the future, Animalytix anticipates expansion of the participants to include additional animal health distributors, retailers, and manufacturers with the capability of providing daily EDI 867 transmissions, further enhancing both the scope and depth of the market insight provided by the ALYX℠ Market Survey Series.