Animalytix® In Action

Single Dimension – Analysis by Company Metrics

Traditional sales metrics provide a one-dimensional perspective of productivity using a limited set of performance benchmarks, specifically current revenues versus those of historical and forecasted sales. While these metrics are partial indicators of performance, the reliance on these “internal” standards ignore the realities of the broader market, failing to address real market growth and the commercial evolution of key competitors.

Without comprehensive competitive sales information, senior executives struggle to assess true market performance, be it for an individual sales representative and or for an entire commercial organization.

Three-Dimensional Analytics

With the introduction of the ALYX℠ Market Survey, it is now possible to assess performance across three dimensions, expanding the benchmarking capability to include the market at large and the performance versus individual competitors.

By using the detailed sales information found within the ALYX℠ Market Survey, executives, managers, and their teams have the ability to view sales performance in the “context of the market” providing invaluable insight as to true market position and performance over time for any given sales representative or product line.

ALYX and the Second Dimension: Sales Growth & Penetration vs. the Market

Revenue growth and share of market is vital to any sales organization but growth and share relative to what? The ALYX℠ Market Survey provides a rolling snapshot of actual sales growth, measured in both dollar sales and doses, for key products in critical market areas.

With the ALYX℠ Market Survey, senior executives and field-based sales professionals can assess sales performance in the context of the larger market, adjusting tactics and strategies to best fit the real market opportunities identified within specific geo markets.

In viewing both sales performance and resource allocations against actual market potentials, sales and marketing professionals can better align and deploy scarce human and financial resources to deliver optimal performance.

ALYX and the Third Dimension: Performance vs. Key Competitors

Most companies face one or more competitor with whom they compete aggressively and consistently in the market. Whether due to the similarities of their portfolios, their commercial strategies, or the long-term strategic threat posed by their position in the market, these “direct competitors” garner a significant and disproportionate level.

Improving the understanding of where and how these “key competitors” are generating sales revenues is critical to developing a viable counter strategy. Having the ability to routinely assess performance of a sales organization against that of these “key competitors” makes effective execution and adaptation of these strategies a practical reality. Whether you’re defending existing market share or entering a new market,

Animalytix® provides the level of detail and insight needed to develop working strategies on a competitor-by-competitor or region-by-region basis, improving both the potential efficiency and the effectiveness of the supporting sales and marketing investments. Animalytix® makes it possible to differentiate where and how resources can be  deployed to best meet your sales and profitability objectives.

Actionable Insight

For senior executives and sales managers alike, transparency into total territory sales makes it possible to better align compensation opportunities and resource deployment to best exploit real market potential. Through the delivery of timely, relevant sales data, Animalytix® makes it possible for companies to quickly  evolve their local working strategies to adjust business plans or allocate resources to best address competitive threats and opportunities when and where the develop.